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Benco Dental and Dental Intelligence have partnered together to give you the most meaningful, in-depth look at your practice ever, a true game changer!

No more guesswork! You'll get answers to your most burning questions and learn EXACTLY what you need to do to improve team performance along with overall profitability. In just minutes, Dental Intelligence syncs with your practice management software to perform a secure analysis of your ACTUAL practice data (100% HIPAA compliant).

What will I learn?

  • What are the key strengths within your dental practice?
  • How do your treatment acceptance rates match up with top practices?
  • Discover where you rank on attracting and retaining new patients.
  • Is your hygiene department's performance in line with your competitors?
  • Is your average restorative production amount per exam above the curve?
  • How can your team improve average production per visit?
  • Where specifically can your team focus to keep the chairs full and decrease attrition?
  • How is your practice trending in net patient base growth and attrition, and what is causing it?
  • And much more.

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Our brand new front desk hire just did $17,185 of rescheduled production using Dental Intelligence.

Hollowbrook Family Dentistry

Production is up by $133,213 from this time last year.

West Lakes Dentistry

We’ve increased Future Visits by 260 appointments--- an extra $77,220 for our practice.

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